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In Their Natural Habitat

105896 - Bird Flower (Crotalaria cunninghamii) - Tourism WA

Bird Flower (Crotalaria cunninghamii) – Tourism WA

Purnululu National Park has an abundance of wildlife, with some species unique to the region. The Park is classified as a Eucalypt dominated open woodland with 619 different species of plants. The many grasses in the Park have had to evolve significantly to cope with the extreme environmental conditions and so too the wildlife.

Kimberley/Bungle Bungle wildlife statistics:

  • There are 149 different species of birds with rare sightings of the Gouldian Finch
  • 81 different reptiles live in the park, including Monitors, Dragons, Goannas, Skinks and Lizards
  • There are a number of different snake species, including Pythons and three of Australia’s most venomous snakes: the King Brown, the Western Brown and the Northern Death Adder.
  • Native mice and rats are the most common of 41 mammal inhabitants
  • There are three different types of wallabies and a wallaroo known locally as a Euro
  • Echidnas, Striped Face Dunnarts and the Long Tailed Planigale are amongst the more rare inhabitants
  • Purnululu National Park boasts 15 species of bats, 15 species of fish, 12 species of frogs and an undetermined but plentiful number of insects
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